There is a saying, “Art is the triumph over chaos” that’s what ArtSoch believes in. Our gallery promotes a wide range of contemporary pieces of art from creative artists who are well versed in a variety of subjects and mediums. We display this through our exhibitions from time to time. Check out our recent exhibitions here.

Current Exhibition

6th, March, 2024

(in) Accessible Gardens

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

This metaphysical beauty inherent within gardens serves as the fertile incubator for Najm’s latest solo presentation “(in) Accessible Gardens”. The exhibition comprises a collection of twelve wall artworks and one-floor installation, each meticulously executed in a diverse array of mediums, showcasing her mastery across a spectrum of artistic expression. Najm’s aesthetics thrive from a richly encrusted exploration of materials and experimental techniques, proficiently incorporating narratives drawn from both the past and present, seamlessly blending elements from the East and West, traditional and contemporary beliefs. Her practice, while deeply autobiographical, resonates universally with the very essence of human existence.

The title “(in) Accessible Gardens” provocatively challenges the viewer’s perception, inviting contemplation on whether to interpret it as accessible or inaccessible, a determination intricately tied to one’s perspective and observational acuity. Through the reflective surfaces of Najam’s artworks, an allegorical invitation is extended for introspection and a deeper understanding of our existence from myriad viewpoints. Overall, the exhibition poignantly conveys the profound emotions underlying each desire and embarks on a journey of choices and resilience in pursuit of these desires. As beautifully quoted by Nelson Mandela.

Recent Exhibitions

16th, February, 2024

From Text To Textures

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

The exhibition, From Text to Texture invites viewers to delve into the realm where the traditional art of calligraphy transcends its conventional boundaries to form captivating textures and create innovative visual experiences. In this exhibition, the essence of calligraphy is reimagined not merely as a means of written communication but as a rich source of textural diversity, offering a fresh perspective on the interplay between form, line, and abstraction.

Traditionally rooted in precise strokes and defined scripts, calligraphy has long been revered for its elegance and disciplined craftsmanship. However, within this exhibition, the artist challenges the rigidity of traditional calligraphic forms, embracing experimentation and embracing the idea of breaking away from established identities. Through this departure from convention, they explore the limitless potential of calligraphy as a form of artistic expression, inviting viewers to reconsider its role in contemporary visual culture.

The artworks showcased exemplify a diverse range of approaches to manipulating calligraphic elements. deconstruct familiar scripts, fragmenting letters, and characters to create dynamic compositions that blur the boundaries between text and texture.

What emerges from these explorations is a rich tapestry of textures, each telling its own story and inviting viewers to engage with the interplay of light, shadow, and form. The artists harness the inherent rhythm and flow of calligraphic gestures to construct visually compelling narratives that transcend linguistic boundaries, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of discovery and interpretation.

15th, December, 2023


ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

The exhibition “Oxytocin” immerses visitors in an exploration of the intricate relationship between the hormone oxytocin and the art-making process. It delves into how oxytocin, known as the “Love/Bonding hormone,” shapes the emotional landscape for both artists and viewers, contributing to the essence of creative expression.

The artistic journey is a deeply personal endeavor, and this show invites attendees to uncover the neurobiological dimensions of this process. Oxytocin, playing a role in social bonding, emotional connection, and stress modulation, silently collaborates in the artist’s studio. Each showcased canvas, sculpture, and installation reflects the nuanced dance between neurochemistry and artistic inspiration.

Artists are invited to create two artworks in their signature style, exploring the tranquil atmosphere that contributes to stressreduction in the artistic process. A calm state fosters a more uninhibited exploration of ideas, enhancing the environment for artistic expression.

The exhibition aims to engage with the social dynamics embedded in collaborative works on display, considering oxytocin’s role in social bonding. It influences the artist’s relationship with their creation and the collaborative efforts and interactions within the art-making process.


24th, November, 2023


ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

In a world increasingly dominated by digital communication, Hassnain’s work serves as a poignant exploration of the profound connection between personal history and the tactile, enduring nature of paper. The artist’s statement illuminates the essence of this collection, which delves into the realm of archival records, meticulously chosen for their cultural, historical, or evidentiary significance. These records, often relegated to the quiet confines of permanent preservation, emerge into the forefront of artistic inquiry through Hassnain’s lens.

The core theme of the exhibition lies in the artist’s fascination with the tangible, the individual, and the ephemeral nature of memories. Hassnain directs our attention to the peculiar beauty found in the physicality of personalized papers, letters, and envelopes — artifacts of communication imbued with emotional weight. As the contemporary world witnesses a gradual departure from these tangible forms of expression, Hassnain invites viewers to reconsider the irreplaceable value inherent in these relics of a bygone era.

The artworks themselves serve as visual poetry, a testament to the artist’s keen ability to translate complex emotional landscapes onto the canvas. Through a skillful interplay of color, form, and texture, Hassnain captures the essence of societal norms embedded within these personalized papers. Each piece becomes a cipher, inviting viewers to decipher the layers of meaning woven into the visual tapestry.

Furthermore, Hassnain’s exploration of memory adds a nuanced dimension to the exhibition. Memories, fragile and prone to fading, become a central motif. The artist skillfully parallels the transience of memories with the impermanence of paper, drawing attention to the shared vulnerability inherent in both. The act of etching memories onto paper becomes a metaphorical gesture, emphasizing the importance of preserving and cherishing the narratives that shape our individual and collective identities.

In essence, Hassnain’s body of work serves as a visual archive, not only of personal histories but also of broader societal shifts. The exhibition invites contemplation on the evolving nature of communication, memory, and the enduring significance of the written word. Through this evocative collection, viewers are encouraged to reflect on the profound emotional resonance found within the intimate details of personalized papers and the rich tapestry of human connection they represent.

3rd, November, 2023


ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road Gulberg III.

Art can be both rooted in history and a catalyst for change in a culture. It
connects people with the same culture to their past and collective history. Art
highlights hurdles in today’s time and yet dares to coexist with traditions.
Throughout mankind art has been the strongest tool of communication,
documentation and reflection of a society.
The lndo-Pak region is rich with historic and cultural diversity encompassing
world class artisans and exquisite crafts handed from generation to generation.
The artists will be requested to incorporate those traditional aspects into their
contemporary art practices with relevance to today’s prevalent issues. The
exhibition will bring forth art work from outstanding artists, both established and
emerging from all over Pakistan.

20th, October, 2023


ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

Raza’s work is deeply rooted in the philosophy of Pain and Suffering,
predominantly inspired from an epic poem, “The Divine Comedy” by
Dante Alighieri, an Italian poet who lived in the 13th and 14th centuries.
In Dante’s vision, suffering and pain are manifestations of divine justice.
He believed that individuals are rewarded or punished in the afterlife
based on their earthly actions and moral choices. Those who have sinned
and turned away from God’s grace are condemned to suffer in Hell, while
those who have repented and sought forgiveness have the chance to
progress through Purgatory and eventually reach Heaven. The
“Purgatorio” section of the poem is dedicated to the souls who are on a
journey of purification and penance, seeking to cleanse themselves of
their sins and ultimately attain salvation. Here, suffering is seen as a
means of spiritual growth and a path to reconciliation with God.

1st, September, 2023


Artsoch Contemporary, MM Alam Raod, Gulberg III.


“AikKahaniSauAfsanay” is part of a captivating series of shows with diverse themes, each distinguished by its unique thematic exploration. In this edition, the spotlight falls on ‘KuchAurAnkahi Si Kahaneeyan’ (Some More Untold Stories), where artists ingeniously weave narratives that intertwine with varied elements of artistic expression. The artists are given an unbridled canvas to articulate their tales through an array of mediums and styles, thereby fostering a splendid tapestry of artistic diversity.

The exhibition’s vision is to curate an art exhibition that covers in a multidimensional and immersive journey. Each artwork serves as a pivotal chapter, collectively forming an intricate narrative tapestry that indicates viewers to extract the concealed narratives covered within the art’s layers. The goal is to captivate the audience, catalyze reflection, and cultivate a profound admiration for the intricate art of storytelling.

18th, August, 2023

The Hue's of divinity

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

“You think you are a small entity, but within you is enfolded the entire Universe”.

-Imam Ali (AS)

While viewing, Muhammad Abrar’s recent body of works this quote kept whispering in my head.

His new body of works consists of 100 names of Allah which took him almost ten years to build and execute the idea. Meticulously made to perfection, each work carries its own aura through its color choice and composition, through using tedious technique of hand cutting of intricate square paper tiles in various colors. His work development involves deep but coherent thinking and painstaking process of compiling intricate titles to render his artworks while using Arabic text as anchor to the artwork.


Viewing his artworks as whole collection reminds you of the Supreme creator- Allah and His infinite attributes we experience in our daily life through Himself and his other creations. Abrar’s show carries  the entire philosophy of Islam and its aesthetics; indeed a finest example of contemporary  Islamic Art to its core. 

21st, July, 2023

The summer show

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

The summer season is a time of warmth, vibrancy, and creativity. It is a season that brings with it a sense of freedom, adventure, and exploration. The long days and balmy evenings provide the perfect backdrop for artists to critically engage in their art practice. Summer, with its abundance of natural beauty, rich colors, and festive energy, offers artists a unique environment for inspiration and experimentation in their creative pursuits.


Contemporary art, by its very nature, pushes boundaries, challenges conventions, and reflects the ever-evolving world around us. It is a form of art that is constantly changing and adapting to the contemporary society and culture. Summer, with its dynamic atmosphere, offers artists an opportunity to capture the essence of the season through their art, a season in which all fruits ripe. The warm weather allow them to get functioning in outdoor activities and longer days provide ample time and space for artists to immerse themselves in their creative process and push the limits of their artistic abilities.



In Pakistan, summer is the longest season of all, a season for a break and re- boot. We look forward to celebrate a group of young and emerging artists to showcase their artworks at ArtSoch Contemporary. 

16th, June, 2023

I am the miracle

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

The term “miracle” in Buddhism can refer to extraordinary abilities or powers that can be developed through advanced meditation practice. These abilities are not considered the ultimate goal but are seen as byproducts of spiritual development. The Buddha taught that all sentient beings possess the innate potential to awaken and free themselves from suffering. This awakening is often referred to as realizing one’s own Buddha-nature or Buddha-potential. It is not limited to any particular individual but is accessible to anyone who follows the path of mindfulness and tranquility ; to experience profound transformation and liberation.

 Sumera Jawad in her solo show, I am the Miracle, explores the notion of liberation and transformation through her own lens as women artist from this region. During her on- going research and field trips at ancient Gandara site Taxila, she finds lack of female figure depiction in both sculpture and relief in comparison to male figure presence; Even though the whole philosophy of Buddhism lies in gender less soul. Whereas, Ironically, Jawad’s lifelong art practice solely spun around concerns correlated to women’s identity and her existence in South Asian culture. Her earlier practice queried how role of women has been always scrutinized through the patriarchal society and struggle to find her true self.


17th, May, 2023

Meray Dil Meray Musafir

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

What does a soul need? What could a soul comprise of? The answer may rest within the circumstances and the alterations it goes through during the time it spends on this earth. The show “Mere Dil Mere Musafir: Tracing the Belongings” embodies the various distinctions of an expat’s life ontology; an emotive voyage of being and becoming.


When a bird creates its nest, it does so where it feels safe. This often involves a long process of interweaving sturdy materials to form a base by adding layers of softer materials like grass, leaves, or feathers to provide a comfortable lining. They may also use mud or saliva to help secure and strengthen the nest. Likewise, humans, when they travel from one place to another in search of a new home, gather small fragments of their identity in the form of language, traditions, food, and morality to create their own nest of comfort. Qinza Najm, in her recent solo presentation, is no less than a resilient bird creating an outstanding body of work embracing her experience of twenty-five years of living between America and Pakistan; a global traveler. She aims to excavate the idea of homeland beyond borders and rupture the impulse of belonging.

9th, March, 2023

What The Land Knows, The Hearts Remember

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

Pakistan is a country of numerous ancient civilizations and histories sedimented in both land and water in and around our very permeable borders. To the keen eye of a sensitive artist, they reveal entangled narratives and ecologies across time and space. These narratives are shaped by a multitude of factors from our very dynamic history which is not just limited to being a larger collective of people of one faith.

What the land knows, the hearts remember – is a group show bringing four female Pakistani artists from across the globe together to explore this relationship that their practice forms with their land. 

14th, February, 2023

Khail Tamasha

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

“Khail Tamasha” embody various nuances of disparity found in our surrounding. Trained in Mughal Miniature style painting both artists take visual symbology from history and present to embodies concepts like Power, Beauty, Religion and Politics. The works are reflection of the life we live in times of social media and chaos where lines between real or forged has become blurred so hence our very existence is dependent on either to play or to be played.

20th, January, 2023

Pro (re) gress

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

Imran Ahmed goes as far back as 7000 years to seek the inspiration and motifs for his most recent works. The seated, bird-faced mother goddesses of Mehrgarh rendered in black, pink, green, yellow, and violet colors smoothen their features, assume the standing postures reminiscent of the Mohenjo daro’s dancing girl. The dazzling beauty of these works lies in the harmonious balance between the sensual and the sacred, the human and the animal, action and in-action, form and color. Or perhaps it’s an attempt to transcend the binaries and dualities, a tangible samaadh like the seamlessly merged contours of the rider and what’s being ridden in the wooden sculptures placed in the middle of this exhibition. Imran’s virtuosity as a sculptor who has worked intimately with multiple mediums such as clay, metal, and textile. On canvas as he moulds the shapes and modulates the interplay between the figures and their environs. In the sparse universe of his relatively wide canvases he generously offers us the meditative spaces to redeem the lost ancient moments of reverence, innocence, gratitude, and an aesthetic equanimity as exemplified in the mutually bowed figures of a man and a bull with interlaced arms and horns in “Neither of Either”.  In the era of commodified deities guiding our gold dusted ambitions, these works invite us to unearth and appreciate, or at least nod in acknowledgment to our primal instincts as hunters, dancers, poets, artisans, and artists whose works can’t simply be tagged and showcased but naturally cohabit the temple, home, museum, theater, street and all that lies between the hieroglyphs and graffiti.

23rd, December, 2022

Contemplating Chaos

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

Beyond the physical manifestation of every space and text. 

25th, November, 2022

Tales Untold

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.”

― Pablo Picasso

The idea of image making may come from a visual element around us but the process of artmaking lies beneath the depth of sub-conscious mind. The simple decision of image making starts from pretense and manipulation of various visual references to create analogies to what artist want to depict. The rest process occurs in a mysterious way, sometime images become mere an illustration story they want to tell and sometimes the process led them to bring forth an imagery they have not thought off. In both cases what comes across is a self-reflection for the artist and a tale to the viewer!

The real soul of contemporary art sets on the grounds of ambiguity, newness and experimentation in not just the concept but ability to use diverse mediums in creation of their art work.  An artwork is reflection to what an artist wants or not wants; within that space lies the real tale of human emotions and the unknown. All artists are produced artworks without any restrain to follow a theme or outline; be yourself.

4th, November, 2022

Transcending Traditions

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

Art can be both rooted in history and a catalyst for change in a culture. It connects people with the same culture to their past and collective history. Art highlights hurdles in today’s time and yet dares to coexist with traditions. Throughout mankind Art has been the strongest tool of communication, documentation and reflection of a society.

The Indo-Pak region is rich with historic and cultural diversity encompassing world class artisans and exquisite crafts handed from generation to generation. The artists will be requested to incorporate those traditional aspects into their contemporary art practices with relevance to today’s prevalent issues. The exhibition will bring forth artwork from outstanding artists, both established and emerging from all over Pakistan.

13th, October, 2022

Rhythmic Stillness

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

The exhibition encompasses works by three talented artists working in the style of abstraction while taking a minimalistic approach towards color and linear forms yet incorporating the power of repetition and intricate mark-making. As a curator, I was fascinated with the mechanical quality found in their drawings creating optical illusions for the spectator; as if they are moving in all directions putting the viewer in a trance-like space. This magical quality in their work has led me to do more research on artists practicing in this style and interestingly they all belong to same regional belt of Sindh. The Art’s and Craftsmanship from this soil seem to be encoded with thousands of years of experience and ancestral history. The land has seen it all, from the most progressive civilization like Indus to arrival of Saints and Sufi literature. To me, all three practitioners carry the same essence of an evolved DNA and collective consciousness of that region.

2nd, September, 2022

Objects of Elegance & BeLonging

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

The exhibition “Objects of Elegance and Belonging” encompasses artworks in the form of small objects which can be also worn as statement jewelry pieces.  The exhibition highlights seeing small objects as a form of jewelry; a thing to connect, possess and adorn.

Umar’s recent body of work is inspired from his association with traditional objects particularly liquid containers(metal jugs, Sorahi) which he used to witness in his day-to-day life as a child but with the passing time such traditional objects kept vanishing from our culture especially with industrialization and popularity of new materials like plastic. Each piece in collection is finely hand crafted in pure silver with delicate finishing to its best.

 On other hand, Shazia’s work explores oxymoronic dialogue between jewelry as a accessory of embellishment and yet she challenges to change this norm and aesthetics on how traditionally jewelry was made.  In her current body of works she has taken minimalistic approach towards form, color and the medium to bring forth a contemporary language of design and enhancement. Exquisitely crafted in porcelain these 3d organic forms can be seen as objects of elegance and simplicity

5th, August, 2022

Desires That Remain

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

Sometimes silhouettes are convincing enough to lead the observers consciously or unconsciously in a state making them narrate their own stories based on their imagination and mental state. “Desires that remain” is a body of work which invites the spectators to  experience the work and construct their own narratives as well as understand the artist’s perspective.

Purpose of the show was to build a body of work where viewer’s  participation augment the narrative. This exhibition also invites the visitors to rethink miniature painting as an art form that    contains not only the past through its historical, social, aesthetical aspects but also retains the future through them. 

27th, May, 2022


ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

Text plays a role beyond communication. It has a lot to do with one’s identity and expression. Throughout traditions in various cultures text has been seen as both sacred and profane.
The significance of text plays a profound role in power play. It has been used as a tool not just to create visions but to see within yourself.  Playing a vital role in movements and petitions.
In this particular exhibition we look forward to artworks created by 6 different artists from different regions of Pakistan bringing their own distinctive narrative and diversity of how text can be seen.

24th, March, 2022

Mind Games-An insight to Cultural Dualism

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.
Perhaps the most concise summary of enlightenment would be: transcending dualism .  Dualism is the conceptual division of the world into categories .Human perception is by nature a dualistic phenomenon which makes the quest for enlightenment an uphill struggle, to say the least!  – Douglas Hofstadter
The exhibition “Mind Games”encompasses various facets of Cultural Dualism one finds in everyday interactions. The Inter-Disciplinary artist Qinza Najm is interested what lies between opposites ; mind and body, matter and spirit, being and thought . Academically trained as a psychologist, her core research has always overlapped and investigated human behaviours and their capacity to adapt. Living between distinctive cultures led her to open new paradigms of dialogue and duality one encounters in gender roles, power and control and re-inventing traditions.
Through her current body of work she questions the various nuances of social norms and individual transformation in challenging times. She uses the metaphor of a zipper – an apparel accessory to conceal or expose an entry point to highlight various allegories of modern times. To be concise her current practice invites us to experience an encounter between East and West, and between technology and craftsmanship.
17th, Feb, 2022

Braiding The Seen & Unseen

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

To me, the art lies in-between the relationship of seeing and perceiving. This exhibition, Braiding the Seen & Unseen, examines the aspects of cultural identity through a series of artworks produced after the artist’s voyage to Arizona, USA. During her artist residency stay in city of Kingsman she was amazed by the diversity found in the landscape and its history A land embellished by huge cacti plants, broken planes, war aircrafts and cowboy culture.
24th, Nov, 2021

Sociology is not common sense

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.
Exhibition Note The last two years have been a rollercoaster of turmoil and emotions, which many of us had never experienced before the pandemic. Sadia Babar’s solo exhibition, a tender medley of art and poetry, is a montage to last two years of her pondering mind and her feelings of despair, anger, sadness, loneliness and melancholy with hint of hope for a better tomorrow.
Sadia’s works have a recurring theme of being surrounded and comforted by nature as she often finds herself seeking solace, peace and quiet of her garden. This is reflected in her artworks sometimes as stylized trees, branches and flowers providing color, sometimes providing warmth and sometimes acting as doorways to new paths to venture. All reiterating her tender emotions, to not give into despair and lose hope and become stagnant as she faces different hardships in life with uproar of troubled relationships, anguish and sorrow at the duplicity of people where only nature is constant and true to itself and gives her courage to be strong, confident, nurturing and growing despite what life throws at her.
1st, Oct, 2021

Solitude is Togetherness

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.
Over the past year and a half, many of us got closer to experiencing the kind of solitude long pursued by philosophers and sages. Due to the challenging situation of corona pandemic the existence of humanity is being re-questioned and reflected in the form of Solitude by the universe. Solitude not only means the state of being alone but rather reconnecting to your true self that is in constant monologue with itself. It is beyond the language of worldly distresses and lives in the form of memory; it enables us to recharge our soul by transcending into a higher level of mental cultivation.
29th, Oct, 2021

Transmuting Beings

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.
From the moment of the big bang till now, all living organisms are in constant state of evolution and are transitioning from one state to another. Understanding the cycle of nature and these transitions entirely depends on interaction between ecological conditions and the way in which human social groups can distribute themselves across the landscape, landscapes which are currently at risk of massive changes. Transmuting Beings is an ode to transcendental expression of corals as beings – depicting the emotional hues that reside inside us. Corals are known as colonial organisms, because many individual creatures live and grow while connected to each other. They are also dependent on one another for survival. The symbolic use of bodies in her paintings hint at the common ancestral soul. The theme expresses the core consciousness of all souls that share a common set of feelings and emotions.
25th, June, 2021

vision weaver

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.
Every academic institute has its own set of ideologies and training methods however the real protagonists are their faculty members, undoubtedly playing the strenuous part of cultivating, refining and nurturing the young minds. to be able to find their individuality while getting ready for competitive future. Once they have graduated, this role shifts to the lap of mainstream galleries, curators and frequently showcasing artists when their respective practices play a phenomenal role in influencing shaping and setting new modes of work ethics. Bringing diversity fo exhibitions/artists plays a core part in creating critical dialogue. the viewers attention and a path to aspire and motivate our art practitioners.
Throughout this exhibition, titled Vision Weavers. we look forward to collaborating applauding, researching and documenting these noteworthy names of our visual art community, both formerly and presently affiliated with these professions as their distinct practices embody prevalent dogmas and concerns. The idea is to bring forth and explore their practices beneath the lens of theoretical and visual language whereas questioning the evolution of techniques coming from various localities hence a forecast to contemporary art from Pakistan.
ArtSoch Contemporary believes in multiplicity of views, creating new opportunities and representing Pakistani Art globally and vice versa. We envision cultural diversity as an essential medium for development and creativity. We highly value our nation’s art professionals and truly appreciate their efforts towards this sector and take pride in the fact that they not only inspire young minds but also play a great role as mentors.
16th, Sep, 2021


ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.
The exhibition Beyond Narrative is an ode to the genre of abstract art and its understanding in general public. In the Pakistani art scene, themes of abstractionism are still overlooked and are more commonly treated as a background to perhaps a more representational visual. Despite this, to me it’s the most progressive style of painting to date. Abstractionism talks about basic human emotions and experience, which are universal in language. It allows one to be free of all constraints and narratives of what and how to make. It focuses more on instinct and possibilities of experimentation and the three selected artists are immensely talented and have been working in this genre for many years. Beyond Narrative is the first step towards understanding abstract art and artists working in the Pakistani art fraternity. ArtSoch Contemporary looks forward to initiating activities encompassing the genre of Abstract art for our viewers.
27th, AUG 2021

Letters to pakistan

ArtSoch Contemporary, MM Alam Road, Gulberg III.

In August, 2021, Pakistan is 74 years old, nurturing us and our ancestors; providing a sense of identity and belonging. A region with history and culture of most primogenital civilization seeks new narratives to reclaim its glorious past . The exhibition ‘Letters to Pakistan’ looks forward to ponder and explore one’s inner feelings as a citizen of this country, a deep down conversation to Self and Nation. Fourteen young artists are presenting an A4 size symbolic letter in style of their individual practice in various genre and form. The letter is further decoded in a small paragraph written in text with each artwork and serve as communication tool to unfold their concerns, memoirs and wishes / vision for their motherland. Through this exhibition we aim to document a dialogue with prevalent apprehensions and intimate conversation between the land and its inhabitants. I am pleased to see, the overall submissions of the artworks that are spot –on and prevalent to current alarming scenario of the Nation! Indeed the art is most sublet yet pensive
way to address the inmost facets of a Society

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