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Whispers I

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Artist: Farheen S

Medium: Watercolor & Archival Inks on Paper

Artwork Size: 14 x 20 inches

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Abstract

Status: Available

Within Farheen’s artistic odyssey, she ventures into the realm of the ethereal, where emotions and concepts find vivid expression through intricate mark-making and a dynamic palette. Each creation becomes a metamorphic journey, seamlessly fusing the intangible with the tangible. Enigmatic creatures and dreamscapes materialize, obscuring the boundaries between reality and imagination. The orchestration of colors and textures becomes the conduit for emotions that elude verbal capture, beckoning observers to partake in the delicate ballet between the seen and the unseen. Her art extends an alluring invitation to explore the boundless expanses of artistic possibilities, to wholeheartedly embrace the allure of the intangible within the realms of the everyday, and to ignite the fires of contemplative imagination.




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