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Artist: Monazza Fatima N

Medium: Inkjet Print on polypropylene-based paper

Artwork  Size: 16 x 21 x 1 inches

Status: Available

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Painting

Monazza Fatima Naqvi is a multi-faceted creative force, excelling as a Visual & Performing Artist, Educationist, and Horticulturist. Her academic journey includes a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and a master’s degree in media studies. As a Lecturer at University of Karachi and SZABIST University, Monazza imparts her knowledge and passion for the arts. Drawing inspiration from theatre and storytelling, her artworks embody a fusion of various mediums. With a keen eye for detail and an affinity for nature, Monazza’s creations reflect her rich blend of artistic and horticultural pursuits.

Monazza’ statement about her work:  They call the stories to be timeless …
As, either it might have happened once, or has happened twice …
There always will be a ‘Protagonist’, …
a garden ‘Full of Roses’
A ‘Broken Garland’ or a ‘Glass shoe’ …
And an ‘Ever-after’
Though …
A story is not supposed to end …
Where the protagonist passes through the ‘Rose Garden’, but comes out with thorns on his clothes

And when the glass shoe doent fit anyone …
and no one knows, whom does the ‘Broken Garland’ belongs too…
And when… the prince is still awaited ..
The Story is yet to unfold further…

From every thorn,
Each scratch,
Is a Holy Requiem
of Resurrection…
while walking through,
The Rose Garden!



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