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Artist: Hussain J.
Medium: Stainless steal
Status: Sold
Genre: Contemporary art, Sculpture, 2D art, Distorted image
Code: AS-HuJ-01

About Artist and Work Process:
Hussain’s 2D sculpture of metal in gold finish is his ode to reflections. Using an aluminum cake base to explore different surfaces triggered the idea to transform the aluminum surface to a mirror like reflective surface.
Hussain is intrigued by the excitement one feels at the idea of seeing a mirror every day. He feels that a mirror has been telling us a lie since ages. When we see words in mirrors we see them as inverted, but when we see our self, our mind can’t judge the tricks of the mirror. The duality and spontaneity of materials boggles his mind and raises questions on originality of the vision, the idea of illusion and forms of reality.

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