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Lost In The Mist

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Artist: Madeeha R

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Artwork Size: : 24 x 36 inches

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Landscape

Status: Available

In 2019, the artistic journey of a self-taught landscape and semi-abstract artist began, born in Kuwait and now settled in Lahore. With a lifelong passion for arts, the artist, who holds an academic background in applied psychology (2004), has extensively worked with various mediums such as watercolors, inks, charcoals, color pencils, and pastels. Focused on refining personal artistic abilities, the artist has shifted primarily to acrylics with plans to explore oils. Motivated to learn and develop painting techniques independently, the artistic progression includes creating perspectives of space, depth, distance, and light in the artworks.

The academic background in applied psychology has profoundly influenced the artist’s insight into life complexities, fervent sentiments, and human psyche. The intention is to portray these intricacies and inconceivable emotions, establishing a connection between the viewer’s subconscious state of mind and the outer world. Participation in the group show “Beyond the Land” (2022) at Muse Art Gallery, Lahore, and commissioned works for clients in Lahore, Karachi, U.S.A, Canada, and Germany mark significant milestones. A piece of artwork is currently on display at Hamail Art Gallery, Lahore. Since the first exhibition, the artist remains dedicated to consistently creating more artwork for future exhibitions.

As a self-taught artist, their diverse artistic expression unfolds across a spectrum ranging from still life and calligraphies to landscapes and semi-abstract art. Driven by an unsettling energy, they explore various forms of artistic expression to capture both the visible and invisible, tangible and intangible elements of nature, human intricacies, and the complexities of social issues. Their style is characterized as traditional, realistic, elaborate, and meticulous.

In the realm of landscapes, the artist draws inspiration from life or professional photographs, skillfully encapsulating the luminosity, quietude, tranquility, and atmospheric depth of mother nature. These landscapes transcend mere scenery, offering a therapeutic escape for fatigued and stressed souls to resonate with the ethereal beauty of the artwork and temporarily forget life’s anxieties.

The artist’s semi-abstract art serves as a visual narrative, delving into gripping sentiments and social issues using figures, objects, and trees as expressive tools. Employing both representational and non-representational forms, they manifest the conscious and subconscious states of humans. This approach allows the viewer to relate, discover hidden meanings based on their inclinations, and experience the struggles, fragilities, strength, and temporalities within themselves and their surroundings.

In essence, their artwork represents a thorough study and an interplay of aesthetics, sentiments, and riveting characters.





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