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Artist: Farrukh A

Medium: Pen and Ink and Cotton Fabric on wasli

Artwork Size: 6.5 x 8.25 Inches

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Abstract

Status: Available

Farrukh Addnan, a visual artist from Lahore, explores the ancient history of his hometown, Tulamba, through drawing and photography. His work focuses on the patterns in the ruins dating back to the 2nd century B.C. As a drawing and design teacher at the National College of Arts, Addnan intertwines his teaching career with his artistic journey. Awarded The Arts Family (TAF) X Sotheby’s Institute Mentorship Program 2023, he has garnered recognition, including shortlisting for The Arts Family (TAF) London Art Award-South Asia 2023.

Addnan’s art, showcased globally, delves into ancestral connections and archaeology, crafting narratives through memory and cultural heritage. His studio practice involves exploring personal memories, collective history, and cultural depictions, using symbols and patterns to convey the multi-layered nature of these aspects. Guided by psycho-geography, his work infuses a spiritual element, emphasizing the historical significance of spaces in Tulamba.

Through his art, Addnan aims to create a visual language that uncovers the past, sparking contemplation on the interplay between memory, space, and symbols, fostering dialogue on the significance of context and shaping our understanding of the world.







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