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Artist: Qinza N

Medium: Oil on Stainless Steel

Artwork Size: 32 x 47 inches

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Abstract, Text

Status: Available

(in) accessible Gardens,  Qinza embark on a journey from Lahore’s lushness to New York’s urban sprawl, exploring the spaces between tangible gardens and those we cultivate within ourselves. This series questions where we find solace and belonging in a world of visible and invisible boundaries. Through the transformative use of stainless steel, Qinza craft visual narratives that bridge the natural with the constructed, challenging viewers to reflect on the sanctuaries we seek and those we create. Qinza’s  process—etching, cutting, and painting—reimagines this industrial material into scenes of solace and estrangement, inviting dialogue on the dualities of accessibility. This work is an endeavor to navigate the nuanced terrains of belonging, illuminating the intricate paths to connection etched in metal and memory.



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