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Deep into memory 10

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Artist: Majid A

Medium: oil on paper

Size: 11.5 x 14 inches

Status: Available

Genre: Landscape art, Realistic Art, Impressionism, Nature

As an artist, my subject is all the places and things that are beyond the restrictions of time. I observe my surroundings with sheer concentration and portray them on my canvas without making them objective, so a variety of audiences can interpret the work from their perspective. When I interpret landscapes, I assure to perceive light along with its quality of change. I depict the romance of changing seasons, a subtle change of wind, and the alternating quality of day and night. The trees, the shrubs, the twigs, and the skies portrayed in my paintings are a narrative of my creativity. For me, painting is a poetic expression. These paintings are a visual diary of my love affair with nature.

Ustad Abdul Majid, who is a Pakistani landscape painter, was born to a lineage of Artists. His grandfather Ustad Allah Bakhsh is one of the greatest painters that the Sub-Continent produced. Ustad Abdul Majid did learn art from the basics to his grandfather and then his father, Ustad Abdul Aziz. However, he could not resist the passion to develop his own individual style. His subsequent journey remained a love for exploring the unknown in both subject matter and technique. Ustad Abdul Majid paints landscapes from imagination but from a perspective that is probably the most difficult for a painter to accomplish. In his landscapes, he seeks to represent moods and feelings expressed through the tonal range, composition and brush strokes. He represents the Sublime that roars in his imagination and is then expressed in art work.


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