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Still apart from each other


Artist: Abid A

Medium: Punching, gel pen, gold leaf on wasli

Size: 30 x 40 inches (each)

Status:  Sold

Genre: Contemporary Art, Modern Art, Figurative Art

In present era where artists are utilizing various methods in their own style to create an alternate perception in context to their art practices, Aslamfeel the term and idea of ‘miniature’ is an intimate process of giving fine details to an image while keeping in mind the sense of beauty and visual pleasure. The art practice and technique of engraving that he used in creating an artwork carries rich amount of the delicacy, time, effort and minute details. But more importantly how artist make it probable to convert an idea into an image and then how that created image reflects another visual. The imagery that he chose in current series of work actually depicts the recalling of old tales in more contemporary way by giving a viewer another aspect of possibilities and visual charm of an artwork.

Born in 1986 in Lahore, Pakistan, AbidAslam studied at the Hunerkada College of Visual and Performing Arts, Lahore. He focused his attention towards miniature painting and photography which led to purification of his own visual and conceptual terminology. Aslam also served as a lecturer in Hunerkada College till 2014. His passion for art convinced him to pursue a master’s program in Visual Arts from National College of Arts, Lahore in 2017 with an aim to develop a strong and independent point of view and a mature grasp of critical debate on contemporary art.

Aslam has made his first solo show titled as “Coding Labels” in 2013 at Canvas Gallery, Karachi and set his way towards success in an art world. He proved himself best through various group shows like Incubator, Milestone, Open field, Summer Scape, Variations along the Grid, Silsila, We live Pakistan, Witness to History, Human Within Us, Solitude, Resurgence, Scripted Serenity, Grey Matters and many more. He got Special Award from Artist’s Association of Punjab, Lahore in 2016 and Arjumand Painting Award in 2015, Islamabad. Aslam has also made his work worth watching by participating in India Art Fair 2017 under Anant Art Gallery, Delhi, India. He has done a remarkable solo show in 2018 titled as “Sitaron se aage” at Sanat Initiative, Karachi Pakistan. Aslam participated in first Karachi Biennale Trust artist residency 2019 in collaboration with OPP (Orangi Pilot Project), Karachi Pakistan. Later, he also curated a group show titled as “Once upon a time” at Ejaz Art Gallery, Lahore. Aslam has been part of both national and international art exhibitions. “Of Land and Skies” was Aslam’s another stunning solo show held at O Art Space, Lahore, Pakistan in 2019. Whereas, his previous solo show “The Last Rain” was exhibited at Sanat Initiative Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan in 2020. In 2021 a three person group show “Peculiar Speculations” was held at O Art Space, Lahore, Pakistan. “Self-Extended”, a two person show was show exhibited at Koel Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan. “The Smog Show”, a project of Art Otaq in collaboration with Jawad Sharif Films curated by IrfanGulDahri displayed at Zahoor-ul-Akhlaq Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan was all about smog and its effects. Abid’s recent shows are Khat-o-kitabat, Uncurated and The Factory Lahore displayed at O art space, Full circle gallery and Chawla foot wears respectively. Whereas, “The Look” was his latest solo show displayed at Sanat Initiative Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan. Aslam currently works and lives in Lahore


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