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Birds Of Paradise III

Price on Request

Artist: Raja C S

Medium: Oils On Canvas

Artwork Size: 54 x 60 Inches

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern

Status: Available

Changez was Born in his family’s ancestral village of Shakarparian. He attended Lawrence College, Ghora Gali before earning a full scholarship to Shrewsbury School in England. He then went on to study at Trinity College and Columbia University. Raja Changez Sultan produces landscape and portrait paintings in both oil and charcoal and has published several books of poetry. He has held over 70 exhibitions in Austria, England, Switzerland, Oman, and Pakistan,with the most notable ones at the Winter Palace in Vienna (1992) and Cadogan Contemporary in London (1991).

From your name can we surmise
You’ve flown here from Paradise
A land that is chockfull of plenty
Where no one’s beak
Ever goes empty?
Or do you dwell with us on earth
Blending in for what it is worth
Into our world to do your thing
Sing in the rain
Or go dancing?
Your contours are so beautiful
Your reasoning is irrefutable
But in looks you are so unreal
Is that too a part
Of the deal?
Mesmerising to behold
You enthral young and the old
A vision ethereal to apprise
Us all of angels with
Heavenly eyes!



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