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Artist: Maria A

Size: 20.65 x 17 inches

Medium: Gouache, collage, beads and photo transfer

Status: Available

Genre: Modern Art, Conceptual Art, Contemporary Art

Popular culture is ubiquitous, a situation of constantly fluctuating interaction between various narratives, beliefs and practices that are dominant in our society. It incorporates the most immediate and contemporary aspects of society that are often subject to rapid changes as well. Through my body of work, I as a citizen of Pakistan is reflecting on the society we live in. By using wit to draw attention, these compositions incorporate the local popular culture in which I am humorously commenting and critiquing on the bitter realities of our society. My work engages with the subjects such as the toxicity of rishta culture in our desi families, the embedded notion of an ideal fairer skin, the double standards of mullah’s, the exhibitionist culture of our elite class as well as the maniacal consumerist behavior on sales days. Visuals in my work are a blend of local popular icons and symbols along with the addition of text as the main component, in order to create irony and satire.


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