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The Golden Heart

Price on Request

Artist: Aun R

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Artwork Size: 30 x 42 inches

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Figurative

Status: Available

Graduated in Fine Arts (painting) from College of Art & Design Punjab University 2017. He was born in Jhang 1991. After completing his matriculation from Sacred Heart High school, he had to cease his Art journey due to various personal and social pressure. While struggling to find a decent career- one after the other he kept on changing institutes, but soon realized his passion for art- his true calling and finally secured admission in College of Art and Design, PU. Interested in realistic representation, Raza has developed his imagery and style, which requires an immense amount of dedication and command over medium. After graduation, he exhibited his works in various galleries of Pakistan like “Paradoxical Realities “at Ejaz Art Gallery Lahore, “Strange Reflections” at Artescape Gallery Islamabad 2022, A Slice of life” at Ejaz Art Gallery Lahore, “SEHER E SADEQUAIN” at Gallery 6 Islamabad, shows “ Identity “ at Ejaz Art Gallery Lahore, “ Arjumand Painting Awards 2021 & 2023 ”, “ Talk to me” at O art Space gallery Lahore, “ Resurgence“ at Ejaz Art gallery Lahore,” Forecast” at O art Space gallery Lahore, “ Art for Artist Qutub Rind and Contemporaries “ at O art Space gallery Lahore, ” Peculiar Sanity” in Mussawir Art Gallery Lahore, ” Come Forward ” at Ejaz Art Gallery Lahore, “Subjective Realities ” at Shakir Ali Museum Lahore, ” Real Spiel” at Taseer Art Gallery Lahore, “Collectors weekend” at My Art world gallery Islamabad, ” Young Artist Annual Show” (2017-2018) at Alhamrah Arts Council Lahore, exhibition by Pakistan Art Forum 2020 and many more. Aun lives and works in Jhang. Pakistan.

In Aun’s work, it basically revolves around those fantasy-based intentions of a soul which one could neither push away nor accept fully by heart. He really believes that imagination lives within us more than a reality. There are a lot of important and personal scenarios running around us which we want to touch, to feel, to fully indulge ourselves in them with the help of our soul being ignored. One can feel his/her non spoken desires in his paintings with the intimacy of a bond a viewer creates at that moment. Basically, a viewer witnesses Aun’s war being told in the form of different elements attached with the gender of glory. Aun use a lot of different elements in his works, to show a never-ending relation between reality and imagination. Elements he uses in the execution are comprised of their own symbolic and living values. There is always a story in someone’s mind, which sometimes never get a chance to be narrated or listened, but in Aun work’s, you would find the pieces of your stories scattered in their never-ending wheel. Aun medium speaks to him about the truth that his compositions are going to scream out and softens one’s heart at the same time with balanced intensity. In the end, one can never judge whether we find reality in fantasy, or we confront fantasy while breathing.







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