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Fragmented Fresco

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Artist: Amaan A

Medium: Natural Pigments, Chalk & watercolor on hemp paper

Artwork  Size: 9″ x 13″ inches

Status: Available

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Historical

Amaan’s artistic journey is a captivating blend of cultural exposure and academic pursuits. Born in the Netherlands and later residing in Pakistan, Amaan’s artworks are a culmination of his experiences. With degrees in Geography, Economics & Environment and Fine Arts, as well as a master’s in visual Islamic & Traditional Arts, Amaan’s creations are a fusion of diverse mediums and influences. His works intricately weave together traditional aesthetics, architectural motifs, and contemporary themes, resulting in captivating pieces that resonate with global audiences.

After studying Geography and experiencing diverse cultures, Amaan intrigued by the connection between people and their environments. His art uses maps to link past, present, and future, merging nostalgia, transience, and uncertainty.

At Jahangir’s Tomb, the blurred line between restoration and replication raises questions. The ongoing restoration work seems to erase stories, disconnecting past and future. Amaan work’s perceive historical structures as living entities that hold tales of various eras. This tomb, witness to countless stories, now crumbles due to neglect.

Amaan’s artwork reinstates the site symbolically by displaying its architectural plan, aiming to undo the tragedy. Using chalk frottage and paint, Amaan capture the frescoed walls, preserving the ruins of the past. This ongoing series highlights art’s role in conserving heritage, reminding us of our place in history and our ties to the world.


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