ArtSoch: Where Pakistani Talent Finds Its Voice

It’s said that art is a line around your thoughts, and a great piece needs an audience that understands the emotions behind it. That’s why artwork needs galleries and exhibitions to display an artist’s work. At ArtSoch we display art pieces like they’re meant to be seen, which puts Pakistan’s local artists in the spotlight they require.

Art for offices & public spaces

Office spaces are often neglected when it comes to art and research has shown that artwork can brighten up mood, relieve stress and increase productivity. The office space is home to professionals who need an enabling environment to be productive and feel inspired. Art creates dialogue and when placed in a public space like restaurants, hotels and hospitals it is a great opportunity to break monotony and connect to the viewer.

Not only does it energize the workspace but also entertains people while waiting or passing through.

Art for home

Art is so much more than just a static inanimate object in the corner of a room, it brings a room to life!

Well-curated art can change the overall aesthetic of a living space. At ArtSoch we want to help you choose art that speaks to you and makes you keep looking and wondering what its about. Collect art that creates meaning to you and complements the room perfectly. Carefully selected artwork from a diverse range of artists from multidisciplinary fields, both contemporary and traditional, is what sets our gallery out from the rest.

Commission a project

Have you fallen for an artwork but are stuck when it comes to the correct size or color? Would you like to commission a portrait of your loved one but don’t know how to go about it? Need a mural for the tricky wall behind your favorite console? Let us help you in the best possible way by finding the right artist for you to work with, whether on a mural or miniature, portrait or an abstract.

Not only does it energize the workspace but also entertains people while waiting or passing through.

What's on your mind?

Have you fallen for one of our artworks but need a few questions answered? Please ask away by writing to us

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