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Green Chalkboard With Figures

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Artist: Mohsin S

Medium: Oil On Canvas

Artwork Size:  24 x 24 Inches

Status: Not Available

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern

Mohsin, born in Taxila in 1990, is a graduate of the National College of Arts Lahore with a major in Painting. His artistic genre revolves around the philosophy that “nothing is true.” It serves as a canvas for the fragile beliefs and concepts of our society that can shift at any given moment. His paintings embody a dusty chalkboard, articulating his thought process. Anything he despises, adores, finds inspiration in, or is affected by, is portrayed on his canvas. Small figures—animals, humans, prehistoric creatures, birds, the deep ocean, and secrets—all find a connection to his work, as he believes every element in this world has its unique expression. Even the tiniest rocks, a gust of wind, and minuscule droplets possess their own expressions. Simply because we humans may not comprehend something doesn’t negate its existence. Society is bound to evolve, its beliefs, traditions, and opinions—all transient, akin to chalk.








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