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Purrs of Summertime bliss

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Artist: Duraeshawar T

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 4×7 inches

Status: Available

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Figurative

Duraeshawar Tariq is a visual artist based in Lahore, Pakistan. after graduation in 2020 she has been honing her skills in different mediums. she has been a part of various group shows in Lahore,Karachi and Islamabad.she is currently working in Lahore. for Women University in 2011 and 2014 respectively. She is serving as Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at the Institute of Design & Visual Arts, LCWU. Currently, she is enrolled in PhD Fine Arts in the same insti-tute. Additionally, she is a visual practitioner having major interest in miniature painting; with various group exhibitions, an artist residency and an international solo exhibition to her credit. Her portfolio has been published in HEC recognized journal Visual Communication Quarterly by Taylor & Francis. She is honored to have won several awards at national level.

As an artist, I find endless inspiration in the captivating world of Japanese illustrations and the rich aesthetic of traditional Japanese artwork. Drawing from the beauty and elegance inherent in this artistic tradition, my work seeks to merge the timeless essence of Japanese art with my own contemporary vision. Through my work, I strive to capture the ephemeral beauty of fleeting moments, evoking a sense of tran-quility, introspection, and the profound connection between humankind and the natural world.


By melding traditional Japanese aesthetics with my own contemporary expression, I aim to create a visual dialogue that bridges the gap between past and present. I find boundless inspiration in the vibrant palette of summer colors that illuminate our world. The warm hues of golden sunshine, the playful pops of vivid blues and pinks that dance across the summer sky all find their way into my artwork.


Through my art, I invite viewers to immerse themselves in the kaleidoscope of summer colors and em-bark on a visual journey that ignites their own memories and emotions. It is my hope that the vibrant palette I employ serves as a catalyst for joy, inspiration, and a deep appreciation for the beauty that sur-rounds us during this enchanting season.


In a world that can sometimes feel chaotic and overwhelming, my artwork seeks to offer respite and rejuvenation through the simple act of beholding the brilliant hues of summer. By capturing the essence of this season’s colors, I aim to create a connection between the viewer and the blissful, sun-soaked mo-ments that bring us all a renewed sense of vitality and delight.


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