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Shabana II


Artist: Sujjal K

Size:4”x 3”x 3”

Medium: Brass and oil on Shuttlecock

Status: Sold

Genre: Sculpture, Contemporary Art, Modern Art

My art speaks and shows my emotional involvement and I truly believe that artist must be true to themselves and your subject and indulge in it. Over time I have found maturity with materials, techniques, and thought processes, yearning to explore different levels of grounds to work on other than canvas, with the freedom of interpretation allowing me to look at the world with a fresh pair of eyes.

Healthy criticism of your artwork is a powerful gift one can offer to any artist. One can completely agree or disagree with the conceptual thought and technique the artist brings in his or her work, but as long as your artwork speaks to the people and what they have to offer in return is sufficient.

At one point my teacher said “ you are a child in a toy shop, who wants everything”

I establish this statement as very therapeutic and it gives me motivation to do more, look beyond the picture and explore every idea and medium. One should always keep an open window to surprise yourself and challenge your inner abilities.

The journey of my work ethics from thesis till today is evolving, like Exploring and connecting a dot between past, present, and future with objects which become irrelevant with time and making them significant in the eyes and psyche of the citizenry. As I tried to reinvent the art of letter writing which fades away in time and technology.

As an artist, I question my role in society and what can I propose and contribute more as an individual. Art has to be more than simply a mere beautiful fragment; It should be shameless and brutal also. That’s what I attempted to accomplish in my recent work, to bring the slightest realization and change through my work.


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