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Fragments Of You

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Artist: Eman O

Medium: Gouache on vasli

Artwork  Size: 15 x 8 inches

Status: Available

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Figurative

Eman Obaid, a thought-provoking artist based in Rawalpindi, brings a unique introspective approach to her artworks. Her background in traditional miniature painting informs her creative process, enabling her to explore the complexities of human behavior and psyche. Eman’s use of traditional mediums and innovative layering techniques showcases her ability to transform her observations into visually captivating expressions. With a passion for illustration, Eman also contributes to the world of storybook illustration while continuing her exploration of art.

Eman’s work explores the human soul as a vast landscape, using gouache to create open scenes with limitless skies and fertile ground. Each layer of translucent paint adds its own unpredictable life, like separate souls coexisting. She depicts translucent figures in everyday activities within private spaces, showing the contrast between existence and unawareness. Through her art, Eman’s work encouraged viewers to reflect on the oddity of life’s routines and our detachment from our true selves, exploring our identities. For the exhibition ‘Aik Kahani Sau Afsana, she crafted a series of artworks that capture the ordinary yet fleeting moments of a young woman’s life. She seeks to discover her true self beyond the roles of a friend, lover, and daughter. Emaan chosen to portray her in the quiet moments of the day, often overlooked, where she endeavors to connect with her inner essence and liberate herself.


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