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Forest of entanglements


Artist: Anum M.
Medium: Charcoal on paper
Size: 28 x 56 inches
Status: Available
Genre: Contemporary art, Conceptual, Black and white, Drawing
Code: AS-AnM-01

About Artist and Work Process:
Anum is a Lahore-based artist who graduated from the Punjab University College of Art & Design in 2020. The concept of her work explores self-exploration, she has lived in a chaotic state of mind unconsciously for so long that it had become a reflection of her personality and her work is about the confusion she has in mind on different issues interrelated with each other, conflicted thoughts made me stuck in a forest of entanglements. Through her work, she wants to convey the message that in the society we are living in, everyone is dealing with distress that affects their thinking processes consciously and unconsciously. And this turmoil thoughts merely become part of their personalities.

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