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On Such a Night as This

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Artist: Brishna A.K

Medium: Gouache On Wasli

Artwork Size: 27 x 21 Inches

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern

Status: Available

Brishna Amin Khan is a Lahore-based artist. She completed her degree in visual arts from NCA in 2019 with a major in miniature painting and a minor in Calligraphy and Performance art. During
the summers Khan spent time in her Murree apartment where she experienced the true beauty of nature in all its glory. This inspired her to create images that capture their essence through serene landscapes. A place where nature flourishes in bliss and bids the viewer to take delight in every tree, every flower, every cloud, and every blade of grass.

In a way nature does not exist in its true form as it is constantly molded by humans so the final result from which we take inspiration, is an altered form of nature. It is interesting to think that in current times this aesthetic appreciation we have for nature may not be true as we have altered nature to fit into our aesthetic.

As Aristotle believed that art could represent nature in all its glory and Goethe states that man’s ideas and nature are equally important when it comes to the creative process of making art as each is a reflection of the other. It’s within the relationship of the two where true beauty lies.







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