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Fragmented traditions


Artist: Qinza N

Medium: Zipper and Wood

Size: 72 x 42 inch

Status: Sold

Genre:  Contemporary Art, Conceptual Art, Abstract Art, Mixed Media Art

Qinza Najm works is an amalgamation of her physical and mental journey between shifting cultures and personal growth. She is interested in mind and body connection and the narratives they bring together in the space between traditions and modernity.

The recent body of works is inspired by her childhood time spent at her grandmother’s home in Sargodha, interacting with the peeri (a traditional stool) in her kitchen, where she were used to spend most of her summer vacation learning about traditions and culture of this region through her Nani’s stories; an old chess board on which she were used to play chess with her dad as a young girl, and a glitched zipper on a shirt her mom stitched for me as a kid. All these elements hold a great visual allegories in her mind . After being away for decades from her homeland, she was able to see them from an outsider’s perspective and developed an urge to re-interpret it into new connotations.

As a trained psychologist, she have used diverse forms of creative expression – paintings, installations, sound, and other mediums – to create awareness and dialogue so the audience can re-create their own personal narratives with the work they experience.


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