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Artist: Imran A

Medium: Terracotta

Artwork  Size: 11 x 12 inches

Status: Available

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Calligraphy

Imran Ahmad is Lahore bases practicing artist basically from Quetta Baluchistan. He graduated with a degree in fine arts, from The University of Baluchistan In 2015. He started his career as a commercial signboard painter. After graduation, he came to Lahore to hone his skills. In 2021, he post-graduated in M.A(Hons) visual art from National College of Art, Lahore. After completing his master’s degree, he has participated in many national exhibitions. And has conducted different workshops about traditional Islamic calligraphy.

Imran’s work is about language recognition. He believes that the use of Urdu language is decreasing day by day in recent time and we are distorting our identity. He makes words out of clay. His medium plays an important role in expressing his concept. Process of Imran’s work is also important for him, from the choice of clay to integration of the words. This process goes through different stages like languages that have been around for hundreds of years and people have worked hard for their rise. But now we are damaging our own valuable assets.


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