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Tunnel Vision


Artist: Qasim A. H

Size: 73 x 73 inches

Medium: Emulsion Paint & Oil Pastel on Canvas

Status: Sold

Genre: Contemporary Art, Conceptual Art, Abstract Art, Calligraphy

Words hold great power. They have the ability to create and destroy. This inherent power bestowed upon words can either be used constructively or destructively; to encourage or discourage, to build or to tear down. Words we are made to hear, better yet made to believe, have a significant impact on shaping our identities, especially in our adolescent years. Using the energy of such words and channeling them positively as a form of catharsis is where my practice comes in.

My work revolves around themes of sexuality, celebration and movement. Reflecting on my personal experience of being bullied, I became interested in language and communication, producing an artistic body of work that visually focused on written text. I use text as a tool to make recurring marks, creating textures and patterns. By merging text, color and paint I release emotional trauma onto the surface; hence, creating illusive visual imagery.

Hussain (born 1996) is an artist and performer based in Lahore. Hussain completed his BFA – Painting from National College of Arts, Lahore in 2022 and graduated with distinction. He has also been working as a professional dancer and choreographer since 2018 with interests in Voguing, Whacking and Hip-Hop and has trained at Los Angeles and Berlin. In Hussain’s art practice, he uses text as a tool for mark-making, creating illusive visual imagery.


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