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Artist: Shiblee M

Medium: Gold leaf on black-coated canvas

Size: 36 X 48 inches

Status: Sold

Genre: Contemporary Art, Conceptual Art, Calligraphy

This is called a “contemporary Tughra”. Normally this sign arranges through particular information regarding its honor and need but in this case, I produced it under the aesthetic of labor which is serving throughout the process in order to produce it. Just like an Indian idolatry sculpture. Where craftsman sacrifices all his labor of love just to produce a standard of visual beauty where can people inspire and relate to themselves. In this work, I tried to present my all energies to establish an idea of Tughra which can be set as a sign or an idea of beauty for its viewer with the help of basic Arabic alphabets in a repetitive manner. Artist statement for the recent text-based works; the text itself produced nothing in meaning but construct certain ideas of understanding of our age that may start by seeing to prestige!

Munnerwas born in Jhang, the capital of the state of Punjab Pakistan in a family of artists in which miniature painting has been practiced for centuries. Muneer has also academic degrees from the Naqsh School of Arts and Beacon House National University. In addition to being a practicing artist, Muneer lectures at the Institute of Visual Arts of the Lahore College of Women University (LCWU), curated exhibitions, and pursue an MS leading to PHD in studio practice in University of the Punjab.

Muneer consider himself a guardian of miniature painting tradition but he also finds inspiration in post-modernism philosophy and new techniques; computer graphics, digitally-manipulated images, hyper realistic paintings and collages. His experiments with enriching strict canons of miniature painting with contemporary techniques to convey 21st-century messages are so brilliant that they gained him a place on the list of Asia’s 10th most inspiring visual artists according to the top 10 of Asta Magazine in 2014.


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