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Artist: Ali k

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

Artwork Size: 18 x 24 inches

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Figurative

Status: Available

Muhammad Ali Khan was Born and raised in Lahore and Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan, his artistic journey has been an exploration of cultural essence through various mediums of portraits. Ali paint with passionate spans of acrylics, oils, pastels, and more while crafting portraits that transcend mainstream expressionism and stories through vibrant colors, gestures and dynamic fabric experimentations. Inspired by the culturally rich style of portraying people Ali knows, his art delves into the heart of his hometown’s Desi culture, intertwining it seamlessly into his canvases by incorporating stitched fabric as a fusion that defines distinctiveness. Ali’s pursuit of Art and Design during his A-levels at LGS JT Lahore further refines his skills. Delving into anatomy through portfolios, Ali made visits to workshops and galleries, nurturing an understanding of form and expression. Fueled by this passion for art, he took the bold step of establishing a business to showcase and sell his pieces that embody Ali’s artistic perspective, resonating with individualism. Against the backdrop of stereotypical expectations, the unwavering support of his family became the wind beneath his wings. Their encouragement pushes him forward, shaping him into the artist He is today. Grateful for the profound fulfillment portraiture brings, Ali continues to hone his creation, embracing each stroke as a manifested, artistic vision.

‘Unfinished’ stands as a distinctive expression of patience with simmering anger, a canvas that narrates a complex story of a man. The person depicted resists being covered in paint, yet the acrylic chaos of titanium white, yellow ochre, and an array of colors illustrates the inevitability of surrendering to a fate, forcefully. The deliberate half-face completion signifies a dual existence – an unfinished side awaiting eventual completion, portrayed by red fabric threads, unevenly woven into the canvas. This captures the force. The use of acrylics, meticulously chosen for their contrasting properties along with lights and shadows as shown, mirror the internal conflict within the subject. The red fabric thread serves as a visual representation of control, stitching together an incomplete visage with a symbolic thread of restraint. The person within the frame wears an expression of anger in the eyes, but the lips convey a muted, dull expression, suggesting a stifled voice and a potential acceptance of grief. The incorporation of hand-stitched soft unfinished threads further emphasizes the ongoing process, leaving the viewer suspended in anticipation, questioning whether completion will ever occur. The subjectivity to interpret remains throughout.




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