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To Blind – 2

Artist: Huma M.
Medium: Graphite on paper relief
Size: 11 × 19 inches
Status: Available
Genre: Abstract, Geometrical, Graphite experimental, Conceptual art
Code: AS-HuM-12

About Artist and Work Process:

The uncertainty that disclosure of reality is inherent; is what I am trying to capture in my work. The map
that my mind constructs is questioned with every shift and change of belief or perspective and I feel
like I’m in an endless maze. The alienation that I felt for my own thinking and acting patterns is
something that shocks me. It is ironic to know that there is not just one reality but multiple, in a continuous
flux of time and space. This brings an eternal paradox of choice. Due to this, I feel like I cannot align
myself with the offered reality.

I stay skeptical.

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