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We Will Meet Again In Green Fields

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Artist: Mariya Shaikh

Medium: Pigments, acrylic on canvas

Artwork  Size: 31 x 44.5 inches

Status: Available

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Abstract, Modern

Mariya Shaikh, a native of Sindh, Pakistan, possesses a deep-rooted passion for art and creativity. Her journey in the realm of artistic expression began during her formative years and led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Design from the Institute of art and design, Jamshoro. Currently, Mariya is furthering her artistic pursuits by pursuing an MA in Art Education at Beaconhouse National University in Lahore, Pakistan, together she is working as an educator since last 7 years in textile design discipline. Mariya’s artistic endeavors reflect a harmonious blend of spirituality and creativity. Her work beautifully encompasses her spiritual practice and studies, resulting in a captivating fusion of the two realms. As a testament to her dedication and expertise, Mariya Shaikh’s artistic journey is characterized by a profound exploration of themes, a commitment to spiritual growth, and a dedication to pushing artistic boundaries as an multidisciplinary artist. Mariya serves as an active member and design instructor at International museums for textile projects, based in Australia. Since 2014, Shaikh has been an active participant in the art world, consistently exhibiting her work on both national and international platforms. Her creations have graced numerous prestigious group and solo shows held in Dubai, Canada, India, Korea, Singapore, and her home country, Pakistan.

In the realm of Mariya’s artistic exploration titled “We Will Meet Again in Green Fields,” she delve into the profound essence of color and form, seeking to evoke a serene sanctuary amidst the chaotic tapestry of existence. The artwork embodies a harmonious interplay between silence and vibrancy, utilizing gentle gradients and purposeful lines to convey a resounding sense of stillness within the viewer’s perception. Mariya’s work have endeavored to encapsulate the essence of this sentiment through her work. By fusing the hushed subtleties of silent hues with the boldness of intersecting lines, create a visual symphony that beckons viewers into a world of tranquility and introspection.


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