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The Tea Party

Price on Request

Artist: Romessa K

Medium: Ink And Watercolor on Sheet

Artwork Size: 26 x 27 Inches

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Abstract

Status: Available

Romessa Khan, a Lahore-based Visual Artist, graduated in Fine Arts from the National College of Arts, specializing in printmaking. She holds a master’s in visual arts (2014) and received an artist residential grant from the Rockefellers Brothers fund in New York during her postgraduate studies. As a visiting faculty member at the National College of Arts, she explores the intricacies of evolution and devolution in human life through her art.

Romessa drawings, titled “Of Dust and Stars,” delve into the transformative legacy of ruins, bridging the void between the living and the dead. Using a rapido drafting pen, she captures gradual change, fragmentation, and improvisation, creating a semi-abstract language. The title reflects the universality of evolution within the divine proportion.

Her international exposure includes collaborations with Indian artists and exhibitions in Canada, America, London, Dubai, and Singapore. Currently practicing in Lahore, Khan continues to simplify the complexities of existence through her detailed and analytical drawings, using household objects that connect with collective history and experience.



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