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Here After III

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Artist:Ammara R

Size: 12 x 12 inches

Medium:White permanent ink on acrylic sheet

Status: Available

Genre:Abstract Art, Contemporary Art, Conceptual Art, Line Art

There is uniqueness in the vastness of nature that we start to see us own reflection in it. Nature is the deepest truth in our surroundings. And the same truth I see in the spider webs is associated with life’s alteration. Nature’s connection from one end to the other and the process of becoming, again and again, makes a person feel steady at every step and this is a process associated with my work. Even the contemporary reality of today’s complex world and the virtual world is also a web, where zillions of web servers and websites navigate and spread information from one end to another end. But I look at the web as a source of internal navigation of my mind to soul.I used a rotting pen on paper as a medium to capture the line in my work. The pen strokes are very enhancing the quality of calmness and peace of mind as fragile and precious as a spider web. The white color in my work represents serenity and peace, while the black color represents sophistication, firmness, mystery, and emotion. I like to defy the stereotypes around the color black as dark and gloomy.

Ammara Rafique is Lahore based visual artist. She recently done her MFA (visual arts) from college of Art and Design (PUCAD) 2022, completed her bachelor in fine arts from UOE in 2017. Artist had participated in international group show at Baku, Azerbaijan in 2022. Currently, her work is displayed at Gallery6 Islamabad. She had participated in Arjumand painting award in 2021, as well as in (OAP) international multidisciplinary online art exhibition Turkey, 2020. Moreover, she had participated in Anna Molka award in 2021 and 2022; her paintings had showed at several young artist exbhition, Alhamra art gallery and one national exhibition at Alhamra art gallery. She believes art to be a medium of expressing herself.


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