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Incomplete Story

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Artist: Labana

Medium: Gold Leaf and Collage

Artwork  Size: 17 x 24 inches

Status: Available

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Miniature

In 2012, Labana relocated to Lahore and commenced her undergraduate education at IVAD, LCWU. In 2015, she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree, earning a prestigious silver medal for her accomplishments in the field of visual arts. Throughout her academic tenure, she had the privilege of serving as an artist intern and museum docent at the esteemed Lahore Museum. Notably, Labana actively contributed to the success of the captivating exhibition titled “Rediscovering
Harappa through Five Elements,” a collaborative effort with UNESCO. In addition to her academic pursuits, Labana have actively participated in various group shows and competitions, further enhancing her artistic journey. In 2016, She was granted the invaluable opportunity to refine her skills by apprenticing under the guidance of internationally renowned
artist, Mr Shiblee Munir. Presently, Labana engaged as a studio assistant while pursuing her own artistic endeavours as an independent artist.

Within the realm of Islamic and subcontinental history, the art of Miniature painting has persevered as a significant cultural expression for countless centuries. In the contemporary landscape, many practitioners adhere unwaveringly to the established techniques and traditional imagery associated with this revered art form. However, Labana find herself compelled to explore the boundaries of Miniature painting, particularly the tension that arises when attempting to infuse it with modern sensibilities. Through her work, Labana seeks to challenge of pushing Miniature painting into contemporary contexts’. She aims to highlight the delicate balance between preservation and innovation, urging a thoughtful examination of the consequences that may accompany attempts to reshape this cherished art form. In doing so, her intention is not to undermine the evolution within the art of book illustration, but rather to prompt a critical reflection on the need to preserve its historical characters. Ultimately, her artistic exploration serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of book illustration and the imperative to safeguard its timeless essence.


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