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The art of art making

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Artist: Mariam W

Medium: Ink on Tissue paper

Size: 12 x 12 inch

Status: Available

Genre: Contemporary Art, Conceptual Art, Modern Art, Text Art

Text for me has always been about simplifying complicated ideas and even visuals and aspirations that come in the form of emotions and thoughts. Words are tricky since they form a paradoxical relationship with the object/idea/subject they are attached to, as much as they help us understand something; they also limit our perception of things. My work here is exploring that relationship by taking elements from my “daily” life, such as using Instagram and joining somebody’s life or going out for a coffee with a friend and writing something down on tissue paper.

Mariam is a trained visual artist, her experimental practice pertains to contemporary media and how art is being perceived in the 21st century, where through several mediums she questions the notions of our time. The works probe ideas of identity and perception in the age of media through unconventional and performativity means.


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