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The garden of desire


Artist: Shahid H. B

Medium: Graphite and water colors on paper

Size: 15 X 20 inches

Status: Sold

Genre: Contemporary Art, Conceptual Art, Miniature Art

Boni graduated from the National College of Arts Lahore in Miniature painting with a distinction in 2021.

His work is an exploration of his own experiences and depicts his relationship with displacement. He has spent his early days in the mountains close to nature and was exposed to a rural, communal lifestyle in contrast to my post-schooling days, which he spent in the rush of big cities. This exposure made him scrutinize human behavior; it subsequently made him curious to study human psychology, philosophy and more specifically the impact of the environment on human nature and behavior.

His paintings embrace elements from Persian and Mughal miniature paintings. The compositions in his work are thoughtfully painted as hereflects upon my evolving psychological state. In some paintings, the figure is in action, while in the rest of the paintings; the figure may be seen observing, floating or even simply existing in space. Architectural spaces are symbolic of emptiness and isolation in his paintings. These empty spaces, surrounded with dense foliage, which may be seen through interconnecting windows, represent the connection of the outer with the inner self. Through his work, he is trying to question whether he is connecting to the world, or is the connection merely an illusion. Very thin layers of color are applied over meticulously rendered graphite drawings, giving the paintings a hazy feel. The absence of the figure in the paintings characterizes a sense of desolation and stillness.

His work may thus be seen as a manifestation of my internal dialogue that he struggle to decipher through visual and artistic means by constantly provoking and questioning the self.


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