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It was, it is

Price on Request

Artist: Abdul M

Medium: Charcoal, pastel and gold on canvas

Artwork Size: 19 x 29 inches

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Figurative

Status: Available

Born in 1996, Abdul Mannan is a visual artist residing in Lahore, Pakistan. He graduated from Punjab University in 2021. Currently he’s studying MFA from PUCAD. Participated in some exhibitions in Numaishgah, OArt Space, Tagheer Art Gallery, Coopera Art Gallery, Anna Molka Gallery and Alhamara Gallery.

A sense of rebirth as something long dormant or forgotten is reawakened. As an artist, you may choose to employ realism to investigate human emotions, behavior, and relationships. One method would be to have a discussion between a human and an inanimate object. This might be a wonderful method to explore themes of isolation, loneliness, and the human need for connection. Alternatively, you may design a piece that represents a person who has been discarded or wasted in the past but continues to retain their experiences and sentiments. This could be interpreted as a remark on the impact of our past experiences on our present life, and how we carry our emotional baggage with us.






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