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Morden Ancestor

Price on Request

Artist: Fawad J

Medium: Acrylics On Plastic Canvas Pasted on Stainless Steel

Artwork Size: 48 x 48 Inches

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Abstract

Status: Available

Fawad Jafri, a Fine Arts graduate from the National College of Arts, Lahore in 2019, has actively participated in exhibitions both nationally and internationally, including venues such as Canvas Gallery in Karachi, Dastaangoi in Islamabad, and the Embassy of Netherlands. Notably, he contributed to the Lahore Biennale in February 2020 at Mr. Imran Qureshi’s Gallery for the ‘Rich Tapestry.’ His first solo exhibition took place at Pakistan Art Forum, Lahore, in February 2023.

Jafri draws inspiration from his background in graphic design, honed within his family. Starting with the fundamental skill of drawing straight lines, he has evolved his artistic practice to explore shapes and colors on canvas through lines. His recent work focuses on reinventing our relationship with the line, emphasizing expressions through composition. Influenced by his father’s Arabic calligraphy, Jafri considers the line as a primary tool for image-making since his graduation.

Having grown up in an artisan’s environment, Jafri blurs the line between art and design, creating aesthetically compelling forms and shapes with lines that captivate viewers. His studio in Lahore serves as the space where he dedicates himself full-time to his artistic practice.







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