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Death of Fear


Artist: Aiman J.
Medium: Pencil and graphite powder on paper
Size: 22 x 28 inches
Status: Available
Genre: Contemporary art, Black and white, Drawings, Conceptual
Code: AS-AiJ-06

About Artist and Work Process:
Aiman is Lahore based visual artist with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Punjab University College of Arts and Design in Lahore. She has recently received Alhamra’s 17th Young Artist Award 2021 with various exhibitions Nationally.
Her work inquires about the psychological background and has derived from her own experience. Artist works around the idea of sleep which is an essential part of a human being and it gives an escape for a couple of hours from all the stress of the day but this isn’t true for all as she deals with sleep paralysis. Her visions and their wide impacts of fear depict her work. She explores the realms of reality with closed eyes when she goes to my bed every night. Fear of death is not just a death, which has to be tasted by every living being once it’s born. It also has numerous episodes in form of human imaginations and sometimes traumas

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