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Artist: Imran A

Size: 27 x 25 inches

Medium: Matt enamel on canvas

Status: Available

Genre:Conceptual Art, Figurative Art, Contemporary Art

Through the medium and act of painting, the recent and current artworks are explorations into the cultivation of life forms that stem out of artifacts such as figurines, food systems, and other human creations with material, from across history into the present. The focus of these artworks is around the juxtaposition of materials and forms leading to catalysis of imaginations that draw from the past in order to point towards dawn of imaginaries from yet unfolded future.

Imran Ahmad Khan (born in Lahore,1974) is a self-taught artist who possess fifteen years of teaching experience, both in the studio, and as related to theory. He has been adviser to the installation/3-D labs at SVAD, Beaconhouse University since the early 2000s. Khan’s kinetic installations and sculptural works are inspired by the raw energy of Lahore city, calling forth structures of the city’s colonial and multi-ethnic past as well as its fraught present.
Since 2000, the artist has procured and transformed found objects from the city, using them to examine and expose fractured apparatuses of the political, social and economic state in which he resides.
Raised in an area of the city known for its craft and small scale recycling industries, the artist has gone on to present solo exhibitions at major venues in Lahore, and at group exhibitions such as Resemble Reassemble at Devi Art Foundation curated by Rashid Rana, in Crisis of History #3 Fight History (2015), Netherlands and more recently at This Night Bitten Dawn (2016), India, curated by Salima Hashmi.
“Between Sun and Moon” Lahore Biennale 02 curated Hoor Al Qasimi 2020.


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