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Artist: Nabeel M

Medium: Marble carving, Black & gold marble

Artwork  Size: (1): 6.5 x 4.5 x 0.6 inches
(2): 7.5 x 4.7 x 0.7 inches, (3): 9 x 6 x 0.6 inches

Status: Available

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Sculpture

Nabeel Majeed Shaikh is from Karachi. Nabeel Majeed Shaikh Currently has done his second bachelor’s in 2020 from the National College of Arts Lahore. Master’s in international relations 2012 from Karachi University. BA from Karachi University 2009. Nabeel’s work is diverse in
nature Nabeel graduated in sculpture. Nabeel is practicing his art in Karachi. Nabeel’s work is diverse in nature; he loves to work on all materials especially on Marble and Paper. He showed the public the wide picture of political, social & economic issues using his artwork. Nabeel participated so many conferences, exhibitions, art galleries, etc. A few of them are Group show at Pakistan Art Forum Gallery Start of Tomorrow 18th March 2023. Group show at OArt Space Personal Narratives April 22nd to May 02nd 2022. Group show at Full Circle Un curated Curate by Irfan Gul Dahri 24th December to 7th January 2022. Solo Show at Santa Initiative Art Gallery Curate by Noman Siddiqui 5th of Oct 2021. Two person shows at Nomad Art gallery 2019. Islamabad Art Festival 2019. Sugarcoated at Hoxton’s basement London 2017. Light Art and Action at V.M Art gallery 2016. MAD in KARACHI (ii) at Artchowk The gallery 2013.Pursukoon Karachi at Koel gallery at Art Council Karachi 2013. Analogical Paradigms at IVS gallery 2013.
AWAAZ Baldia fire Factory inferno at Art Council Karachi 2013.

Marble carving is a technique that holds a prominent place in the history of art making. Dating back from Mesopotamia, where marble was used to create crude models of animals and figures (both naturalistic and anthropomorphic) to Egypt and later to Greeks, Romans and the glorious renaissance. Working with the traditional methods of marble carving and combining it with the more modern mediums of laser scoring and digital UV printing, Nabeel plan to contribute in the traditional methods of sculpture making. The research for this body of work revolves around collecting marble from various parts of the country and carving books which is a medium of recording information and images. Although the books are realistic and invites one to touch and hold but the weight and hardness doesn’t allow you to go through them, hence a commentary on the current socio political and economic issues of the society we live in.


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