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Soul Therapy 3


Artist: Sana N

Size: 72 x 48 inches

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Status: Sold

Genre: Contemporary Art, Conceptual Art, Abstract Art, Calligraphy

Repetition is a successful method of memorizing information and stressing on important points. Usually, my artworks are based on the Masnavi of Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi (who was a 13th-century Muslim Sufi Mystic Poet, Jurist, and Theologian).

The couplet mentioned in this artwork is




نحسدیدیصدقہ و استغفارکن

“When life is filled with happiness in such time one should consistently thank God and also prove his thankfulness by good acts. Where, life being unpredictable, when one faces troublesome time then he should not just seek forgiveness from God but also give sadqa.”

She picked one of the couplets from the Masnavi and used this in repeated form in my artwork. That’s how She discovered this significant style.

Born in 1986, Sana is a visual artist from Karachi, Pakistan. She graduated as a Textile designer from department of visual studies, Karachi University in 2007. Since then, Sana has participated in numerous exhibitions in Pakistan and internationally. Some examples of exhibitions in Pakistan include: Her first solo exhibition at Studio Seven Gallery, participation in performance art by Jamal Shah at the Karachi Biennale, participation in State Bank Of Pakistan Museum And Art Gallery’s tribute to Quaid e Azam on his 141st Birth Anniversary, exhibition at Islamabad Art Festival, another participation at UAE art competition with the collaboration UNITED ARAB EMIRATES EMBASSY and a two-person show at Artchowk Gallery. Internationally, her works were part of an exhibition that explored child labour through visual arts in Toronto, Canada in collaboration with Ryerson University Toronto, Canada. She exhibited her works at Omani Society of Fine Arts, Oman in collaboration with Ejaz Art Gallery Lahore. Her portraits of Elvis Presley and Madonna were exhibited at Dacia Gallery, New York, and her work was part of the live auction, ‘Art for Education’ patronized by Dubai Cares & TCF Dubai. Sana participated in ArtDom at Sanat Initiative Karachi, which is collaboration between female artists from Norway and Pakistan with works displayed in both Karachi and Norway at grande hotel Oslo, Oscar Studio and gallery in Lillestrom and in Stockholm based on the theme of feminism.

Most recently, her artwork portrait of Madam Noor Jehan was part of the “Women and Art “exhibition hosted by poetic strokes at the Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.


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