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The Belonging

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Artist: Ammar F

Medium: Collage (Archival paper, acrylic paints and Indian ink on paper)

Artwork Size:  48 x 60 Inches

Status: Available

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern

Ammar Faiz lives and works in Lahore. He is a visual artist who experiments with various mediums of experiential expression including film and audio documentation, drawings, multi-faceted installations, and collages. He is particularly interested in exploring anthropological themes underlying inter-generational cultural practices that evoke feelings of shared meanings and a judgment-free passage. He draws inspiration from narratives that connect, compare, and correlate people beyond any societal label. Taking inspiration from the Greek anecdote of the Trojan Horse, the artist reworked a
historical account and connected it to his childhood memories of toys that change form and attributes based on materials available within varying geographical and cultural settings. The same horse, if carved out of wood, rocks a child’s world towards imaginary battlefields; in different circumstances, it is fabricated out of paper and rags enabling transportation to fancied exotic worlds.

Such cultural overlaps make one think that while human beings tend to be more bent on dissimilarities in geo-political perspectives, human existence: people’s struggle, gains, and losses, is woven into interconnected identities and similar social realities.

Currently, Ammar is a permanent faculty member at his alma mater. He lives and works in Lahore.



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