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Jhumka Beel

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Artist: Urwa T W

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Artwork Size: 12 x 16 inches

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Floral

Status: Available

Born in 1997 in the cultural hub of Pakistan Lahore. Urwa Tul Wosqa is a visual artist who just completed her Master of Visual Arts from National College of Arts (NCA) Lahore campus. She graduated from Punjab University College of Arts and Design (PUCAD) with painting as her major in 2020. Experimenting with her ideas and materials trying to nourish herself as an artist Urwa explores different mediums and techniques as a contemporary artist trying to develop new techniques Urwa is working with photocopy toner and cyanotypes. While her graduation Urwa did women’s day group exhibition “There Were Great Women Artists Too” in 2019 at Anna Molka Art Gallery UCAD. Her selected works were displayed in “Resilience” 16thYoung Artist Exhibition 2020 and “Beyond the Threshold of Time” 17th Young Artist Exhibition 2021 Alhamra Art Gallery. She did a group show at Ejaz Art Gallery “Soulful Expressions” in 2021. She was part of group exhibition at Pakistan National Art Gallery Islamabad “The New Odyssey” in 2021. Urwa displayed in a group show “One Story’s not Enough” at Muse Art Gallery 2022. She displayed her work in “Around the Corner” 18th Young Artist Exhibition 2022. She was part of a group show at Ejaz Art Gallery “Identity-II”. Urwa displayed her work at Tagheer Gallery “Pop-up art” show. Currently she is working on her projects for exhibition at her studio in Lahore.

For the artist, the plants serve as a metaphorical home, providing the motivation to persevere. Each plant embodies distinct characters contributing to their personal sanctuary, acting as confidantes where inexpressible feelings find a refuge, secure in the knowledge that secrets are guarded.

The focus of her artistic practice lies in making impressions of foliage. Experimenting with various mediums and infusing personal expression, she layers her paintings, creating a sense of depth and complexity. Cyanotypes become a tool to craft illusions, adding depth and layers to the surface. Employing photocopies, the artist manipulates the machine’s movement, resulting in delicate images with an unrealistically bright color palette. Through these techniques, they aim to distort the regular processes, seeking unique and varied outcomes.



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