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Mother and child

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Artist: Wajeeha B

Size: Variable

Medium: Animation video

Status: Available

Genre:Video Art, Contemporary Art, Conceptual Art

Nature is present all around us and deep within us. I am interested in how nature through its small acts, which are constantly happening around us all the time are kind of reflection of ‘us’. For example, a blow of wind is carrying a leaf with it from one destination to another. Which for me is a representation of ‘us’ human beings, who are also just like that leaf moving in a flow, and experiencing different moments that come in their way.

My work deals with the relationship between digital language and the forms and patterns in nature that surround us and are part of our daily observations. I use the language of pixels in my work and create organic and natural scenes, using those rigid and calculated structure. By combining these two extreme ideas: digital language of pixels and observations from nature, I want to create an appreciation of small observations of nature that we often ignore. I try to capture the little details present around us in nature and depict them in my own way that is very crisp but poetic. Earlier inspiration for my work comes from fairy tales, movies and video games that are a major part of our childhood memories.


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