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The Objects I Possess IV


Artist: Mina H

Size: 8.6 x 11 inches

Medium: Plant fiber, recycled paper, alum and 24k gold leaf

Status: Sold

Genre: Contemporary Art, Conceptual Art, Modern Art

Throughout in history archeologists have discovered about various civilization and its people through the recovery and analysis of material culture, which were left behind as evidence of their existence in the particular region. The existences of objects are associated with human and their bodily traces.The objects contain acts and actions of time within them and our memories are inlaid in those objects that define human existence and its cultural significance.The relationship between people and its objects marks the human identity and its existence in its absences. The culture of giving dowry to daughters is still practiced in South Asia and especially Pakistan that influence the lives of women in many ways. These jewelry pieces are in possessions of different people from their dowry and are expressing the stories of their possessors. With such traces of memories through materials and processes, I am trying to redefine the meaning of objects by transforming them and celebrating them in tangible marks that shift the existing object into their impressions and about the presences of human associating with objects, which they leave behind.


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