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Lover and the beloved

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Artist: Huma S

Size:152 x 119 cm (diptych)

Medium:Laser and hand cut paper collage

Status: Available

Genre:Conceptual Art, Contemporary Art, Drawing

My practice predominantly takes a great influence from the sufi school of thought mainly for its openness and tolerant nature. Interchangeably, sufi teachings are generally identified as highly individualistic and harmonious practice while being on the contrary. While observing the sporadic existence of dervish from the rise of sufism centuries ago, having taken a vow of selfless love and distancing from the norms of society, they were and until now deemed as controversial figures. Their presence brings uneasiness in social settings and questions the elaborate ways of the tediously complicated belief system. Similar to the silent uneasiness I try to achieve through my practice

Huma is a Dubai based artist of Pakistani origin, raised in Saudi Arabia. Having a deep connection with diverse cultures embeds richly in her practice. She is a graduate of National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan.Huma has built upon her skills learnt as a miniaturist at NCA, Pakistan and evolved a new form of kinship between the art of her land and the spirituality of her faith, while basing her practice out of UAE. Her works which are largely based upon Islamic geometrical precision, evoke serenity and calm in world full of chaos and upturns – yet upon closer inspection it’s the movement that makes you linger on and stare deeply. A movement in both flight and flutter, which is still in process, which reminds one of constant evolution, dismantling, turbulence and the resting beauty in perfection of God’s creation matched with obvious individual imperfection


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