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“Untitled” Confluence Series

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Artist: Awais N

Medium: Ink & Paper Transfer on Vasli

Artwork Size: 16.4 x 19.4 Inches

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern

Status: Available

Awais Naqvi, born in Lahore, Pakistan, lives and works there. He earned a BFA degree from the College of Art and Design, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan, in 2013, and an MFA in 2017. Over the past years, Awais has been active in Visual Arts, participating in group shows like KARBATHIANS 2020 at Alhamra Art Gallery and the Islamabad Art Festival 2019. He was part of
Karbath 02 artist residency in 2019 and MotM Winter Residency in 2021, winning prizes in art competitions, including the Young Artist Award at the 13th Annual Young Artist Exhibition in 2017.

In his work, “Paper Boat,” Awais symbolically represents the connection between humanity and rivers. Rivers, considered the spine of life, flow through different lands, cultures, and people,
reflecting the history of humanity. Despite the partition of the Indian Subcontinent, rivers continue to traverse borders, echoing the enduring connection between places and people.







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