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Artist: Aqeel J

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 24×30 Inches

Status: Available

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern

Aqeel J, completed his masters and bachellors degree from Punjab University in 2006. He exhibited in multiple exhibitions around Pakistan including PNCA, Alhamra, The La-hore Arts Council, Nairang Galleries and many more.


Am I Painter?

I don’t know the way of expression,

Don’t even know, how to impress?

I have no words

Have nothing


I am a man in this world of fake realities,

In the world of humans,

The humans with ‘posters’ like feelings,

In the world, where paper has the most dominating values, rather than flesh


The world,

In which you never ever, explore,

The deepest realms of the human psyche


This is the world,

Who makes us the rolling stone,

Or the edge of the corner,




I have paints, brushes,

The tools of my thoughts,

Here, I admire skill,


I have to show skills,

I have to work,

I am not a surrealist,

I am not a realist

Not a quebeist, nor dadaist,

I am not a portraitist,

Never wished to be called,

A figure painter,

Still life painter


I don’t know about style,

Just wish to be called a painter


I have no specific palette,

Never known about my mood


All colors are mine,

I am just a painter with modern ideas,

Having realistic manner,

With surrealist thoughts


I am a painter

I have to paint


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