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Artist: Meerab R

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Artwork  Size: 10 x 10 inches

Status: Available

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern, Figurative

Pakistan, Gujrat based did BFA from UOG with distinction in 2020. Being a visual artist, Meerab work revolves around a specific impasto technique in vector style which is executed in the form of relief, with oil paint on canvas or board. She always starts a work of art on figurative with the composition of different parts of the body. But mostly Meerab used the hands and facial features to express the emotion and expressions. She tries to execute her work with a certain level of realism. the meticulous process brings her peace. Meerab always enjoys the method and the process of her work. She never concerns herself with the final outcomes and just unfold and let the ideas bend the reality.

Being an introvert, Meerab finds it hard to express herself in words; she speak through her paints to develop a better understanding of herself in a subjective environment. Meerab work is a mere depiction of ‘she tells a story she keeps the scars on her body like you keep a rose in your book and they both tell stories. Her tattoos tell a story, the story of her own, anyone can see the ink but only she can read the words’.


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