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Painting with Light


Artist: Iman S.
Medium: Long-exposure light photography, print on glossy photographic paper
Size: 24 x 24 inches
Status: Available
Genre: Contemporary art, Experimental, Conceptual, Neon Colors, Light Painting, Digital Art
Code: AS-ImS-01


About Artist and Work Process:
The inspiration for Iman’s work comes from her love for the 1960s Psychedelic art movement. Iman digitally manipulates light photography to express her love for the vibrant color palettes used in psychedelic art.
She created a light tool to manipulate light and photographed it from 90 degree angles. Using basic colors of miniature handheld LED lights (Red, blue, green and white) allowed her to create more colors when the lights were spun on the light tool. This is where the title of the piece ‘Painting with Light’ comes from. By using these multidisciplinary mediums she tries to show how Psychedelic visual arts are a counterpart to liquid light art and swirling color patterns.

Mon ‒ Sat: 10:30 am - 7: 30 pm

Building 74 Main Blvd. 5th Floor,Dha Phase 6, Lahore