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Exist On Arrival

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Artist: Imran A K

Medium: Acrylics on Canvas

Artwork Size: 45 x 33 Inches

Genre: Contemporary, Conceptual, Modern

Status: Available

Imran Ahmed draws inspiration from the ancient seated, bird faced mother goddesses of Mehrgarh, reaching back 7000 years. His recent works, featuring harmoniously balanced colors and forms, merge the sensual with the sacred, human with animal, action with inaction. In his wooden sculptures, he seamlessly merges contours, transcending binaries. Imran’s sculpting virtuosity extends to canvas, where he shapes figures and their surroundings, offering meditative spaces to rediscover ancient moments of reverence, innocence, and gratitude.

The canvases explore life forms cultivated from artifacts, food systems, and human creations across history. Imran juxtaposes materials and forms, catalyzing imaginations that draw from the past while pointing towards yet-unfolded futures. In a world of commodified deities, his works invite appreciation for primal instincts and the cohabitation of art in various spaces, from temples to streets, bridging hieroglyphs and graffiti.







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