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The serenade

Price on request

Artist: Simeen F

Medium: Black ND photograph

Size: 53h x 42w

Status: Available

Genre: Calligraphy, Conceptual Art, Contemporary Art

Language is a gift. I was once given this gift of words: “language begins with a breath. Even though we can no longer hear it, every word ever spoken is contained within the library of the air.” We communicate through words, the same way we are also expressive through our body language.

For more than a decade, I have been making text-based sculptures and installations,representing the freedom of a thought process, inspired by both eastern and western philosophy, poetry, and literature. Language, juxtaposed with human body are also some recurring elements in my work. For me, words can be poetic like our bodies; in motion or poised.

In my recent body of work, I am infusing the human imagery and language as one conjectural form. I am interested, in how, I can depict the two in these installations, sculptures, photographs, painting, and drawings. I have always admired the grace and beauty of the powerful images the of goddesses, the nymphs, and the sirens.

As a contemporary and pluralistic woman of the world with my Pakistani roots, I now creating the avatars of the alluring modern sirens and goddesses. My intention is to create art that speaks in a language understood by many, regardless of their age, race, genders, and global identities.


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