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Artist: Nabiha M.
Medium: Photo transfer & mirror
Size: 89 x 56 cm
Status: Available
Genre: Contemporary art, Realistic, Conceptual
Code: AS-NaM-010


About Artist and Work Process:
Nabiha deals with the importance of state of being and the value of physical absence in her work. She sees both states as two sides of a coin which complete the human existence and its meaning.
She has photographed broken pieces of glass, and captured images that look like a perfect flower as light in lines fell upon the shards of glass. Taking glass in various form, for e.g. broken and melted glass she questions the elements of life and the stages of it. The concept of her work is essentially the ‘significance of contrast’ and its relationship with eternity and state of being. It begs the viewer to question the importance of the world, its elements and life, which finish at one stage, but the second stage is the beginning of another state of existence thus forming a continuous circle of eternity and being.
According to the artist, one cannot define day or night if one of them is missing, things are formed with contrast and it becomes easy to make them understandable and prominent.

Mon ‒ Sat: 10:30 am - 7: 30 pm

Building 74 Main Blvd. 5th Floor,Dha Phase 6, Lahore